Vinyl Fence Styles

Customize a Vinyl Fence to suit your space with the click of a button perfectly! Expertly designed and manufactured by Durables to enhance your outdoor living space at an unbeatable cost, our Vinyl Fence Kits boast weather resistance, a long, maintenance-free life span, and straightforward cost-cutting, do-it-yourself installation. Our Vinyl Fence is available in heights ranging from 3' to 8', with several options to select a color, style, gate, post cap, and more. Available customized fence kits are offered for Privacy, Pool, Picket, and Semi-Privacy Fence. Please start by selecting the fence type that aligns with your specific needs and discover the options we provide.

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Vinyl Privacy Fence

The Ashforth Vinyl Privacy Fence is a classic privacy fence that is both simple and elegant. The Canterbury Vinyl Privacy Fence features a beautifully constructed lattice border that runs along the top of the fence. The Wendell Vinyl Privacy Fence is another classic privacy fence with a cost-effective, sturdy, wide panel construction.

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Vinyl Picket Fence

Durables Darlington Vinyl Picket Fence features a scalloped top, putting a new twist on classic picket fencing. Durables Burton Vinyl Picket Fence is a classic-style picket fence with a flat, straight-line top that is both simple and stylish. With several options, including color, fence height, multiple section sizes, and single and double gates, assembling the ideal picket fence is easier than ever.

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Vinyl Pool Fence

Durables Gillingham and Waldston Vinyl Pool Fence provide safety in your pool area without compromising style, thanks to a flat, straight-line top that is both simple and stylish. They are available in both tan and white BOCA Pool Standard 5 FT height. Meeting standard pool codes is important when installing a pool fence.

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Vinyl Semi-Privacy Fence

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Semi-Private Vinyl Fencing allows homeowners to reap the benefits of privacy fences while allowing lovely breeze and sunlight to shine through and illuminate their deck, patio, landscape, or any outdoor area. It features a flat top design and is available in different heights, colors, multiple section sizes, and single and double gates.

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