Durables Darlington Vinyl Picket Fence

Durables Darlington Vinyl Picket Fence features a scalloped top, putting a new twist on classic picket fencing. It's available in heights ranging from 3' to 5' and allows you to build your own custom fence with the click of a button, one perfectly designed to fit your yard. With multiple options to choose from, including different section sizes and both single and double gates, assembling the ideal picket fence is a snap. Durables Darlington Vinyl Picket Fence is available in 6' and 8' picket fence panel sections, providing for further customization of your fence system. Each Darlington Picket Fence height option includes a list of the other components needed to install a fence system. Find the gate posts, post caps, line rails, fence sections, and end posts you need to build your new picket fence. Shop Darlington Vinyl Picket Fence today and find the fence that perfectly suits your space.