What Are The Different Levels Of Privacy On A Vinyl Fence?

Picket Vinyl Fence For Gardens

When purchasing a vinyl fence, you may not know that you can choose from many types of vinyl fencing. After all, if you are trying to follow pool safety standards when creating a fence, you would not prefer a 3-foot-high picket fence that is not up to pool code standards. The best part of buying fencing online is that you can customize it to your liking, whether a large eight-foot height fence or a smaller fence type.

Vinyl Fence Types For Your Yard Or Commercial Building

Picket Vinyl Fences For Landscaping

Picket vinyl fences are created to decorate a garden or other landscaping. They add a unique style to your yard and offer an open fencing style that gives you some security while not completely covering up your yard. If you are looking for a decorative look to your fence, a picket fence is the right option.

Privacy Vinyl Fences For Maximum Security

If you want the ultimate security and privacy in your backyard, you need a privacy vinyl fence. These fences do not allow open spaces between the pickets and are created to keep individuals from looking inside the fenced area. The other benefit of privacy fences is that they are extremely resistant to wind and can withstand wind gusts of up to 130 mph. So, if you are in an extremely windy area, these are the fences you need to forgo your fence falling and breaking.

Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fences For Hybrid Uses

If you want a hybrid between a privacy fence and a more open picket fence, semi-privacy fences are ideal. These fences are created to offer some privacy coverage while keeping a more open picket spacing concept. Many homeowners prefer this option because it is more open than the privacy vinyl fence choices.

Pool Vinyl Fencing For Your Backyard Pool Area

When looking for fencing for your pool area, you want code-approved options for commercial and residential use. These vinyl pool fences are reinforced with metal at the bottom rail, adding additional strength and durability. These pool fences meet international pool fencing standards and are created to be stronger than ever. If you are looking for a durable fence, pool fences can resist damage from water, humidity, and other chemicals. Also, most pool gates include self-closing hinges and lockable two-way pool safety latches, so you do not need to buy anything else to set up your pool fence.

Vinyl Horse Fencing For Your Farm

The vinyl horse fence is designed to offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, making it an ideal choice for homes, barns, and pastures. Available in various styles, including 2-Rail, 3-Rail, 4-Rail, and Crossbuck designs, it provides a safe and visible barrier for horses. Manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled premium-grade materials, it ensures strength and durability, 20-50% stronger than competing products. Additionally, its low-maintenance construction never needs painting, staining, or sanding. Keep your animals safe with a reliable horse fence!

Choosing The Right Vinyl Fence For Your Yard

Vinyl fencing offers a versatile range of options to cater to various needs, from enhancing garden aesthetics with picket fences to ensuring maximum privacy and security with privacy fences. Semi-privacy fences compromise openness and privacy, while specialized pool fencing meets safety standards and adds durability around pool areas. Regardless of the specific needs, whether for decorative purposes, privacy, or safety compliance, a vinyl fence type is designed to meet those requirements, allowing homeowners to customize their outdoor spaces effectively.

Vinyl Fence Types