Durables 5" x 5" Square x 140" High Vinyl Fence End Post For 8' Vinyl Fence (Tan)

The 5" Sq. End Post, designed and manufactured by Durables, is comprised of high-quality, water-resistant, low maintenance vinyl that will not fade, discolor, or warp. Using vinyl products is an easy and cost-efficient way to elevate the look of your outdoor space adding value and privacy to any residence or commercial building. This post installs at the end of a line of vinyl fence and has pre-cut slits for seamless installation.

Types of Fence Posts

Part Number: LTPT-END-5X140

$70.45 each


Durables 5" x 5" Square x 140" High Vinyl Fence End Post For 8' Vinyl Fence (Tan)

Designed and manufactured by Durables, the 5" Sq. End Post installs at the end of a fence line after the last panel. Comprised of high-quality, water-resistant vinyl, this sturdy post requires little to no maintenance. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions, humidity, moisture, and harmful UV exposure, which ensures long-lasting color. It will never fade, warp, or rot like alternative fencing materials and offers incredible strength and durability.


  • Color: Tan
  • Height: 140"
  • Dimensions: 5" Sq.
  • UV Resistant Ensures Long-Lasting Color
  • Weather Resistant Vinyl Never Fades, Discolors, Or Warps
  • Lightweight And Easy To Install At The End Of A Fence Line
  • Time Saving Pre-Cut Slits On One Side For Seamless Installation

Additional Information

Product Fence Post
Post Type End Post
Color Tan
Post Size 5" Sq.
Country of Manufacture United States
Material Vinyl
Manufacturer Durables