The Effect Of Weather On Vinyl Fencing

Effects Of Weather Vinyl Fence

If you live in an area with rotating seasons, your vinyl fence should be prepared to handle it. Thanks to the PVC materials, vinyl fencing is not impervious to damage such as rotting or rusting such as chain link and wooden fences. But even if this is true, the weather can still affect vinyl fences; as stated in “How Much Should A Vinyl Fence Sway,” strong winds could damage your fence if it is not installed correctly. But this is only part of the problem you may have with your vinyl fence. During colder temperatures, vinyl fences can either expand or contract.

Why Do Vinyl Fences Expand Or Contract?

Vinyl fences can expand or contract due to extreme heat or cold. However, this should not be a cause for alarm. If your vinyl fence is made from quality materials, it should account for these changes and not break or crack. Unlike wood, vinyl fences do not change drastically with the weather conditions.

At What Temperature Do Vinyl Fences Burn?

Vinyl fences can burn at 900 degrees F, so you will not need to worry about your fence burning in hotter climates. Additionally, vinyl fences do not retain heat in the same way aluminum fences may. If you are installing a fence around a playground or pool, it mustn’t hurt the children around the area. Vinyl fences will not hold heat the same way as aluminum fences and are resistant to UV damage from the sun.

Do Vinyl Fences Retain Heat?

Another concern with hot weather is whether a vinyl fence will retain heat at night if temperatures reach 120 degrees F. In most cases, vinyl fences will not retain heat but remain cool enough to touch. This is a plus when installing fences around pets and small children who do not know not to touch a fence during intense heat.

Weather Effects On Vinyl Fences

Throughout the years, high temperatures may eventually damage vinyl fences, but they should still last a long time and do better with wind, snow, and other weather occurrences than other fence types. If you want to learn more about how vinyl fences work in high-wind areas, view our videos.

Vinyl Fences In Wind