Can I Order Vinyl Fence Online?

If you don’t have anywhere near you that sells quality vinyl fences, do you know you can order them online? Quality vinyl fencing from Durables is available for purchase online. These fences are made to be impact and weather-resistant, requiring no sealing or re-painting. These fences will never chip, peel, blister, splinter, flake, rust, or rot and are created to last many years. If you feel trepidation about ordering online due to the sizing of the fence and your yard, you can check out the "Installation Measurement Guide for Vinyl Fences” to see how many posts and sections you need. But on the other hand, if you want to know how to order vinyl fencing online, keep reading.

How To Order A Vinyl Fence Online

If you are ordering a vinyl fence, all you need to do is:

1. Select The Type Of Fence

First, you should choose the fence type. Some vinyl fence types you can choose from include:

Once you find the style of fence you would like, look for the right color. Most fences are available in tan and white. Choose the fence style and height if you have found the color you would like.

2. Choose The Number of Fence Sections, Posts, Gates, and Post Caps

Once in the selected product, you should find all the necessary parts to create your vinyl fence. You will then pick the correct number of sections and posts according to the measurements you have taken of your yard. Don’t forget to include your gate and vinyl post caps while doing this.

Vinyl Fence Ashford Privacy Fence

Product Selection For Durables Ashforth Privacy Fence

3. Finalize The Order In Your Shopping Cart

Once you select “Add To Cart,” you will be directed to your cart. Ensure you have the correct number of posts, post caps, fence sections, and gates before proceeding. You can then estimate your shipping. Remember that if your order is over 6,000 dollars, it will ship free. After you put your payment info in the checkout and place your order, you must wait, and your vinyl fence will come directly to you – no need to carry heavy boxes in your truck or trailer.

Ordering A Vinyl Fence Online Easily

As you can see, ordering a vinyl fence online is easy and hassle-free. If you are ready to purchase your vinyl fence online, please view all vinyl types below:

Vinyl Fences