Advantages and Disadvantages To Vinyl Fence

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

There are a few advantages to vinyl fencing and why someone may choose it over a chain link or wooden fence. Vinyl fencing is becoming increasingly popular for perimeter security due to its low cost, minimal maintenance, and durability. Where chain link fences may start to rust, or wooden fences begin to rot, vinyl fencing will not succumb to either. Vinyl fencing is a stylish type of fence that can fit many different aesthetics. Knowing the many advantages of this type of fencing will help anyone decide why they want to choose vinyl over chain link or wood.

Key Advantages

Minimal Maintenance

Vinyl fencing is almost maintenance-free. There is only one thing needed, and that is to clean it. Other types of fencing require re-staining or painting. You may also need the occasional replacement part if anything was to break. It's a good idea to keep one spare section if something happens. That way, the fence can easily be replaced or repaired. Cleaning a vinyl fence is as simple as wiping it down with soapy water. For harder stains or mildew build-up, we recommend Wet and Forget. It cuts through the build-up well. You can also use a soft scrubbing brush and white vinegar. A pressure washer will work, too, don't get too close to the fence, as it may damage the vinyl.

High Strength

Vinyl fences are solid for how lightweight they are. Fences that are six ft. tall or less and are installed according to the high wind guidelines can withstand hurricane-force winds. Many people are now using vinyl fencing near coastal regions or high-wind areas. It's a win-win for coastal regions because the fence can withstand high winds and won't rust. It's nice to have softer material like vinyl that is still very strong instead of needing a hard, sharp chain link fence.

Weather Resistant

As mentioned above, the vinyl will never start to rust like chain link fence. Even if the chain link fence is galvanized, it will eventually rust after a few years. Wooden fences will eventually start to hold moisture and rot as well. Vinyl fences will start to accumulate mildew depending on the environment that it's installed in, but that is easily cleaned off. There's also no fear of the fence starting to chip, crack, or rot. The fence will look the same as you got it years later.


One of the first things people say about vinyl fences is that they are beautiful. The clean, sleek look outperforms the rough edges of a wooden or chain link fence. Because of this, vinyl fence is safer than others. There's no need to worry about a child or pet getting cut or injured on the fence. The beautiful look of vinyl fencing can raise a home's value. When people with pets or kids are looking for a house, they look for somewhere that has a nice-looking fence instead of a property that does not have one or has a dull, rusting fence.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Fencing - Repair Costs

Key Disadvantages

Everything has two sides, and it's the same with vinyl fences. There are plenty of advantages; however, there are a few disadvantages or at least some things to consider before purchasing one. Considering both advantages and disadvantages when planning a significant purchase like a perimeter fence structure is important. There are three main disadvantages of vinyl fencing.


Price is the first one. Vinyl costs more than chain link and wood fences. You also have to factor in the cost of having a professional team install it for you. We recommend installing it yourself since it will cost about half the price.


Even though maintenance is minimal for vinyl fences, there is still some maintenance. It's still less maintenance than chain link or wooden fence, but we recommend cleaning and inspecting your fence at least twice a year. Mold and mildew build-up is a common issue with vinyl. This is especially true of parts of the fence in the shade most of the time. Cleaning usually isn't too much of an issue, as you can scrub it with a soft brush with white vinegar. If there is heavy build-up, we've found that Wet and Forget works the best. It's a great alternative to harsh chemicals like bleach. Take a pressure washer to the fence for dirt if hand-scrubbing won't do it.

Repair Costs

As mentioned above, the cost of vinyl is expensive. This means repair costs will also be quite high compared to cheaper materials like wood or galvanized steel. Even though vinyl fences can withstand hurricane-force winds when installed properly, that doesn't mean they are indestructible. To stay ahead, it's best to buy at least one extra fence section along with two blank fence posts when purchasing your fence. This will result in a cheaper overall cost in the long run. If something were to break, you already have the same color and type of fence needed, making your life a lot easier when replacing the fence section or part. It negates having to remember what size and fence style you purchased years ago and minimizes shopping time and money.

Knowing both the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl fencing is something everyone should be researching when deciding to purchase and build a perimeter fence. Vinyl fencing is an excellent alternative to chain link and wood. It has low maintenance and creates a clean and sleek aesthetic for the property. If you have any questions or want to place an order, contact one of our helpful sales representatives. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

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